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Free Wi-Fi
There is a powerful Wi-Fi coverage over the territory of the complex. It is free of charge and is without passwords.

It gives the possibility to have an easy access to the Internet at any time when the guests need to search for vital information, communicate via social networks, immediately upload photos and videos, update the status, play online games, use emails and use other internet services.

Souvenirs from the city, drinks, snacks, sweets for all tastes are awaiting you at the mini-market of the Terminal-A. For those who depart, we have prepared a range of travel accessories and hygiene items. These things will never be unnecessary during the trip.

The game of the best quality, strategic thinking, accuracy of movements – these are all features of a good billiard game. There is a possibility to arrange your own tournament in the Terminal-A. Professional table, cozy atmosphere, competitive spirit and gusto are guaranteed.
The fee is 80 UAH per hour.

For car owners there are two types of parking: short-term and long-term ones.

Short-term parking is free of charge; it is guarded and can place 100 cars or 20 big busses at the same time.

For long-term variant the guarded parking for 20 cars at an extra fee is provided.

Children’s room
Children’s room of the Terminal-A is an entire entertainment industry, designed with love to kids. Your children will definitely enjoy the maze with slides and dry pool, handing and ground-based hurdles, karaoke for young artists, aqua make-up, more than 30 workshops (cooking culinary delights, children’s nail polish, toys, decorations, quilling, painting colors, making motanka-dolls etc.). Do not worry about the youngest children: experienced animators will be on hand and happy to take care of their comfort and good mood.

Taste the most delicious coffee from Lviv, refreshing long-cocktails, warming mulled wine, energetic shots or elegant cocktails of champagne-style. Our barmen and barrister will amaze and astonish you with unique flavors and mixes.

Car rent
The car rent is of current interest at a present lifestyle. You can receive the car very quickly, on understandable terms and at a reasonable price. The car fleet of BTS company accounts for more than 300 cars of different types and models of various class and vehicle capacity. All the cars are regularly checked and have service control before to be rented.

Device charge
Taking care about your gadgets and electronic devices we have prepared the unique charge slots for 108 sockets. There is enough space for everyone!

Невід’ємною частиною нашого життя стали банківські карти та банкомати. Зняти готівку або перевірити свій рахунок ви можете в банкоматі нашого комплексу, розташованому на першому поверсі.

International bistro format has justified itself as a quality, fast and tasty food. It ensures always fresh food, reasonable prices and it saves your time. The guests can choose among a number of suggested dishes, drinks and desserts. You always see what you get!

Taking care about our guests we have set up the payment terminal where you can recharge the mobile account of any Ukrainian operator.

The additional service is the payment of housing services online.

Credit cards
There is no need to travel with a stack of cash as in our complex you can easily pay by credit card. We accept international Master Card and Visa cards.

In the Terminal-A complex there are facilities for disabled people, parents with wheel-chair kids or tourists with heavy luggage. The access ramp and escalators between the floors are at your convenience.

Events and activities



Terminal-A —
is the place for your outstanding events!

Weddings and proms, children’s birthday parties and corporate events, anniversaries and more …


  • Проводили з Терміналом А свою найважливішу подію життя, своє весілля. Все було прекрасно, обслуговування на вищому рівні, кухня просто нереально смачна, готельний номер прекрасно затишний. Дякуємо з чоловіком Вам за все, ми вдячні вам за таке прекрасне свято і всю організацію👍🏻

  • Приїхали до готелю о 10 годині вечора 05 серпня після туру (номер був заброньований до поїздки). Незважаючи на те, що в цей час там справляли весілля і весь персонал був у цьому задіяний, нас зустріли привітно, провели в номер, перевірили, чи в порядку, запитали, чим можуть бути нам корисним. Я поцікавилася, чи можна випити кави, і як це краще зробити, щоб не заважати гостям весілля, то нам при...

  • Остановились в отеле после автобусного тура в 11 ночи, поселили без проблем. Номер комфортный, чистый. Хороший завтрак, который входит в стоимость проживания. Персонал приветливый, отзывчивый. Была ситуация: забыли верхнюю одежду в шкафу в номере, позвонили, сообщили. Вернуться за ними уже не было возможности. Нам пошли на встречу и выслали вещи Новой почтой, хотя не обязаны были, за что огромн...

  • Этот отель высокого уровня. Очень хороший сервис, питание, отзывчивый персонал. Очень рад, что на Украине появился такого уровня отель, время пролетело незаметно.

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